We’re self-contained

Throughout the years and the hundreds of shows and productions I’ve worked on, I’ve learned to be prepared for the unexpected. That’s why we carry back- ups to almost everything we can. It’s costly, but a needed expense when your on the set and something inevitably goes wrong. It happens to everyone. Getting adapters or replacement parts in the field is sometimes hard to come by, so when minutes count, we’re ready. With almost all standard connections and adapters available that we may need on- site, we’ve got the parts to get it up and running right away if you ever do have a problem.

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Our Jibs are fully motorized with complete control

of all functions of the camera, as well as pan and tilt.

Program and preview monitors can be used simultaneously

to provide “real-time” feedback from a broadcast switcher.

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For film, we have a complete line of accessories to mount

and control most any 16mm camera and accessories.

Shooting a CBS 48 hours special

Steve Wills